Campus Mail

Campus mail carries correspondence between campus offices at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. Pickup and delivery of campus mail is handled by U Market Services.

Things to note:

  • Service is NOT available for items addressed to off-campus locations or UMN coordinate campuses; these items must be sent via USPS with appropriate postage
  • If properly addressed, Campus Mail should be delivered the day following pickup. Please keep in mind that subsequent sorting within your building or department could delay delivery
  • Campus Mail is a centrally funded University function, and as such, has formal policy guidelines. Please visit the link below to view the full list of policies governing use of Campus Mail services

Common Area Drop Box Locations

West Bank

  • West Bank Office Building - inside lobby
  • Social Sciences Building - near 33 Social Sciences

East Bank

  • Amundson Hall - inside lobby of north entrance
  • Morrill Hall - drop slot inside near elevator
  • Mayo Building - room B306
  • McNamara - on back sidewalk

St. Paul

  • Animal Sci/Vet Med Building - inside north entrance
  • St. Paul Student Center - 1st floor near elevator

Proper Addressing

Proper campus mail addresses include four pieces of information:

  • Name of recipient
  • Department name
  • Building and room number
  • Campus Mail delivery code

Campus Delivery Address Example

Campus Mail delivery codes can be found by locating the department in the University Directory, or by searching for an individual using People Search.

Envelopes Again

Envelopes Again is a program put in place for redistributing multi-use inter-departmental envelopes.

If your department has a large quantity of empty campus mail envelopes (large or small), we'd be happy to take them off your hands! Simply bundle them with rubber bands, and address the bundle to "Envelopes Again." No additional address information is needed.

Need more envelopes? Send a message to