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Campus Mail Codes

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Building Department Mail Code
10 Church Street Lead-Up 0054
Nolte Center for Continuing Education Writing Studies 0093
Folwell Hall Spanish & Portuguese 0133
Folwell Hall French & Italian 0139
Folwell Hall German, Nordic, Slavic & Dutch 0143
Folwell Hall Asian Languages & Literature 0144
Williamson Hall Admissions 0171
Williamson Hall Academic Support Resources 0174
Williamson Hall Enterprise System Upgrade Program 0175
Northrop Memorial Auditorium Concerts & Lectures 0251
Northrop Memorial Auditorium University Honors Program 0255
Morrill Hall V.P. for Human Resources 0261
Morrill Hall President's Office 0262
Morrill Hall University Services 0263
Morrill Hall Office for Equity & Diversity 0264
Morrill Hall Office of University Relations 0265
Telecommunications Building Office of Information Technology 0322
Tate Hall Physics & Astronomy 0331
Tate Hall Earth Sciences 0332
Murphy Hall Journalism 0371
Vincent Hall Mathematics 0412
Ford Hall Gender, Women & Sexuality Studies 0455
Ford Hall Communication Studies 0456
Ford Hall Statistics 0457
Amundson Hall Chemical Engineering & Materials Sciences 0531
Keller Hall Computer Science & Engineering 0571
Keller Hall Electrical Engineering 0572
Lind Hall CSE Student Services 0611
Lind Hall English 0613
Mechanical Engineering Mechanical Engineering 0691
Mechanical Engineering Facilities Management East Bank District 0692
Akerman Hall Aerospace Engineering & Mechanics 0731
Shepherd Laboratories CSE Characterization Facility 0771
Shepherd Laboratories History of Science and Technology 0771
Ralph Rapson Hall College of Design 0811
Civil Engineering Civil Engineering 0851
Armory Aerospace Studies 0891
Armory Naval Science 0893
Armory Military Science 0894
Armory College in the Schools 0895
Coffman Memorial Union Student Unions & Activities 1051
Coffman Memorial Union Campus Club 1053
Coffman Memorial Union Bookstore 1054
Coffman Memorial Union U Card Office 1055
Coffman Memorial Union Orientation & Transition Experiences 1056
Comstock Hall Residence Hall 1091
Comstock Hall Housing Office 1092
Yudof Hall Residence Hall 1111
Boynton Health Service Boynton Health Service 1171
Hasselmo Hall Medical School departments 1191
Jackson Hall Pharmacology 1213
Jackson Hall Biochemistry, Molecular Biology & Biophysics 1214
Jackson Hall Integrative Biology & Physiology 1215
Jackson Hall Neuroscience 1216
Jackson Hall Genetics, Cell Biology, & Development 1217
Molecular & Cellular Biology Biology Program 1231
Moos Health Sciences Tower Dentistry 1291
Weaver-Densford Hall Nursing 1331
Weaver-Densford Hall College of Pharmacy 1332
Diehl Hall Clinical Research Support Center 1692
Pioneer Hall Residence Hall 1751
Frontier Hall Residence Hall 1771
Territorial Hall Residence Hall 1791
Centennial Hall Residence Hall 1811
Weisman Art Museum Weisman Art Museum 1851
720 Washington UM Physicians 1896
717 Delaware St SE College of Pharmacy 1932
Transportation & Safety Building University Police Department 1981
Transportation & Safety Building Parking & Transportation Services 1983
Physics & Nanotechnology Building Minnesota Nano Center 1991
Physics & Nanotechnology Building Physics & Astronomy 1992
McNamara Alumni Center Office of Institutional Compliance 2001
McNamara Alumni Center Gateway Center Building Management 2002
McNamara Alumni Center Sponsored Projects Administration 2003
McNamara Alumni Center Environmental Health Sciences 2004
McNamara Alumni Center UMore Development LLC 2005
McNamara Alumni Center Institutional Research 2006
McNamara Alumni Center Equal Opportunity & Affirmative Action 2007
McNamara Alumni Center Educational Technology Innovations 2008
McNamara Alumni Center Alumni Association 2009
McNamara Alumni Center University Foundation 2011
McNamara Alumni Center Osher Lifelong Learning Institute 2013
McNamara Alumni Center General Counsel 2014
McNamara Alumni Center Board of Regents 2015
McNamara Alumni Center Disability Services 2017
McNamara Alumni Center Technological Leadership Institute 2018
McNamara Alumni Center Office for Technology Commercialization 2020
McNamara Alumni Center Human Research Protection Program 2021
Cooke Hall Kinesiology 2061
University Recreation & Wellness Center Recreational Sports 2071
1901 University Ave SE MN International Center 2087
1901 University Ave SE Global Programs & Strategy Alliance 2088
Sports Pavilion Intercollegiate Athletics 2091
Clinics & Surgery Center Clinics & Surgery Center 2121
Dinnaken Office Academic Health Center departments 2131
Office of Information Technology Office of Information Technology 2171
1000 Westgate Drive Minnesota Lions Eye Bank 2432
2233 University Ave Danish Institute for Study Abroad 2471
Eastcliff President's Residence 2531
MAST Laboratory Multi Axial Subassemblage Testing 2631
Wallin Medical Biosciences Academic Health Center 2641
TCF Bank Stadium Athletics 2651
Thompson Center for Environmental Management Environmental Health & Safety 2681
University Office Plaza SHADAC Center 2701
University Office Plaza Biostatistics - CCBR 2702
University Office Plaza Emergency Management 2703
University Office Plaza Office of Investment & Banking 2704
University Office Plaza Fraternity Purchasing Association 2705
University Office Plaza Dining Services 2706
University Office Plaza Center for Transportation Studies 2708
University Office Plaza Rural Health Research Center 2709
University Office Plaza Business & Community Economic Development 2711
University Office Plaza Minnesota Daily 2712
University Office Plaza University Tax Management Office 2715
University Office Plaza Bookstore Finance Office 2716
University Office Plaza Center for Educational Innovation 2717
University Office Plaza Office of Information Technology 2718
University Office Plaza Environmental Health Sciences 2719
2829 University Ave SE Continuing Medical Education 2721
Cancer & Cardiovascular Reseach Masonic Cancer Research Center 2812
Microbiology Research Facility Microbiology & Immunology 2821
Center for Magnetic Resonance Research Magnetic Resonance Research 2841
Lions Research/Mcguire Translational Research Facility Ophthalmology 2873
Mariucci Arena Athletics Ticket Office 2891
Mariucci Arena Intercollegiate Athletics 2891
Mariucci Arena Intercollegiate Athletics 2892
Mariucci Arena Human Factors Research Lab 2893
Fourth Street Parking Ramp Parking Services Maintenance 2921
326 17th Ave SE Residence Hall - 17th Ave 2961
University International Center Global Programs & Strategy Alliance 3021
317 17th Ave SE Residence Hall - Keeler Apartments 3022
701 15th Ave SE Residence Hall - Radius @ 15th 3031
Bierman Field Athletic Building Intercollegiate Athletics 3061
U of M Child Development Center University Child Care Center 3071
701 24th Ave SE Bookstore Warehouse 3081
Donhowe Building Facilities Management 3121
Donhowe Building Human Resources / Employee Benefits 3122
Donhowe Building Payroll Services 3122
Donhowe Building Building Code Division 3123
Burton Hall College of Education & Human Development 3171
Scott Hall American Studies 3231
Scott Hall American Indian Studies 3232
Elliott Hall Psychology 3281
Wulling Hall Office of Teacher Education 3345
Fraser Hall Office of Student Finance 3395
Appleby Hall Center for Community-Engaged Learning 3502
Appleby Hall Office for Equity and Diversity 3503
Appleby Hall Office for Student Affairs 3505
Appleby Hall America Reads / Literacy Initiative 3506
Bruininks Hall One Stop Student Services 3571
Bruininks Hall College of Liberal Arts 3572
Smith Hall Chemistry 3661
Walter Library Supercomputing Institute 3721
Walter Library Walter Library 3725
Walter Library Office of Information Technology 3729
Walter Library CSE Administration 3731
Johnston Hall Graduate School 3773
Johnston Hall College of Liberal Arts 3774
Johnston Hall Office of Information Technology 3776
Johnston Hall Consortium on Law & Values 3777
Nicholson Hall Classical & Near Eastern Studies 3882
Nicholson Hall Center for Writing 3883
Nicholson Hall Cultural Studies & Comparative Literature 3884
Nicholson Hall MN English Language Program 3885
Jones Hall CLA Language Center 3945
Child Development Institute of Child Development 4011
Education Sciences Educational Psychology 4101
Pattee Hall Institute on Community Integration 4201
Peik Hall Curriculum & Instruction 4301
Shevlin Hall Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences 4401
St. Anthony Falls Lab St. Anthony Falls Laboratory 4691
Sanford Hall Residence Hall 4701
Roy Wilkins Hall Residence Hall 4711
1425 University Ave SE College of Design 4803
U Market Services U Market Services 5201
Como Recycling Facility Como Recycling Facility 5301
Fleet Services Facility Fleet Services 5391
Printing Services Building Printing Services 5401
Printing Services Building Addressing & Mailing 5402
Printing Services Building Auxiliary Services 5404
Printing Services Building UDS Contract Administration & Vending 5406
Facilities Management Steam Shop Facilities Management 5602
University Stores South Office of Measurement Services 5703
Food Operations Building Facilities Management 5803
Andrew Boss Laboratory of Meat Science Center for Animal Health & Food Safety 6004
Biosystems & Agricultural Engineering Bioproducts & Biosystems Engineering 6005
Alderman Hall Horticulture 6008
Animal Science/Veterinary Medicine Veterinary & Biomedical Sciences 6010
Animal Science/Veterinary Medicine Veterinary Population Medicine 6012
Animal Science/Veterinary Medicine Animal Science 6014
Bailey Hall Residence Hall 6017
Biological Sciences Center Plant Biology 6022
Borlaug Hall Agronomy & Plant Genetics 6026
Borlaug Hall Soil, Water, & Climate 6028
Borlaug Hall Plant Pathology 6030
Magrath Library Central Library 6034
Crop Improvement Center Minnesota Crop Improvement Association 6037
Ruttan Hall Applied Economics 6040
Ruttan Hall College of Continuing Education 6045
Ruttan Hall CCE Professional Development & Learning Life 6051
Coffey Hall Office of the Registrar 6054
Coffey Hall Minnesota Extension Service 6070
Coffey Hall Food, Agricultural & Natural Resource Sciences 6074
Coffey Hall College of Continuing Education Dean's Office 6081
Plant Growth Facilities East Plant Pathology 6085
Cereal Rust Lab Cereal Rust Lab 6086
Crop Research Soil Testing 6089
Dining Center Dining Center 6090
Continuing Education & Conference Center Continuing Education & Conference Center 6094
Farm & Grounds Maintenance Farm & Grounds Maintenance 6096
Ecology Ecology, Evolution & Behavior 6098
Food Science & Nutrition Food Science & Nutrition 6099
Golf Clubhouse Recreational Sports 6100
Gortner Lab Biotechnology Institute 6104
Raptor Center Raptor Center 6108
Green Hall Forest Resources 6112
St. Paul Gym Recreational Sports 6114
Haecker Hall Animal Science 6118
Hodson Hall Entomology 6125
St. Paul Heating Plant St. Paul Heating Plant 6126
Cargill Building Microbial & Plant Genomics 6127
Kaufert Lab Bioproducts & Biosystems Engr. 6130
Molecular & Cellular Therapy Facility Molecular & Cellular Therapy 6133
McNeal Hall College of Design 6136
McNeal Hall Family Social Science 6140
McNeal Hall Center for Changing Landscapes 6141
McNeal Hall Water Resources Center 6146
Skok Hall Food, Agricultural & Nat Resource Sci 6147
Peters Hall Social Work 6161
Facilities Management Building Facilities Management 6168
Snyder Hall Biological Science Dean's Office 6174
St. Paul Student Center Student Unions & Activities 6180
Veterinary Diagnostic Labs Veterinary Diagnostic Labs 6184
Veterinary Science Veterinary & Biomedical Sciences 6187
Veterinary Medical Center North Veterinary Population Medicine 6190
Veterinary Medical Center South Veterinary Clinical Sciences 6192
Veterinary Medical Center North Veterinary Medicine Dean's Office 6194
Learning & Environmental Sciences National Center for Food Protection & Defense 6195
Learning & Environmental Sciences Institute on the Environment 6196
Learning & Environmental Sciences Education & Human Development 6197
Learning & Environmental Sciences Extension Technology 6198
Learning & Environmental Sciences Polar Geospatial Center 6199
Pomeroy Center College of Veterinary Medicine 6201
Bell Museum Bell Museum & Planetarium 6211
Hanson Hall Economics 7031
Carlson School of Management Carlson School of Management 7041
Heller Hall Interdisciplinary Center for the Study of Global Change 7053
Heller Hall Art History 7055
Heller Hall Office of Conflict Resolution 7056
Heller Hall Philosophy 7057
Heller Hall Liberal Arts Student Services 7061
Heller Hall History 7062
Heller Hall Facilities Management 7063
Heller Hall Learning Abroad Center 7064
Wilson Library Wilson Library 7111
Social Sciences West Bank Copy Center 7151
Social Sciences Liberal Arts Financial Services Team 7153
Social Sciences African-American & African Studies 7155
Social Sciences Geography 7163
Social Sciences Sociology 7171
Social Sciences Institute for Global Studies 7173
Social Sciences Political Science 7175
Blegen Hall Blegen Hall Cafeteria 7211
Blegen Hall Office of Information Technology 7212
Blegen Hall Global Programs & Strategy Alliance 7215
Anderson Hall Liberal Arts Technology & Innovation Services 7331
West Bank Skyway University Student Legal Services 7351
West Bank Skyway One Stop Student Services 7352
West Bank Skyway Gopher Express West 7354
Humphrey School of Public Affairs Humphrey School of Public Affairs 7451
Humphrey School of Public Affairs Ctr for Urban & Regional Affairs 7452
Humphrey School of Public Affairs HHH Center Food Service 7453
Humphrey School of Public Affairs Anthropology 7455
Humphrey School of Public Affairs International Student & Scholar Services 7458
Humphrey School of Public Affairs Minnesota Population Center 7459
111 3rd Ave S University Press 7481
MnTech Center Epidemiology 7494
MnTech Center National Children's Study 7495
MnTech Center Translational Research in Child Mental Health 7496
1200 Washington Ave S Advanced Research & Diagnostic Lab 7512
1200 Washington Ave S National Orientation Director Association 7514
West Bank Office Building Program in Human Sexuality 7521
West Bank Office Building External Sales 7523
West Bank Office Building Office of Internal Audit 7524
West Bank Office Building Epidemiology 7525
West Bank Office Building Disbursement Services 7527
West Bank Office Building Controller's Office 7529
West Bank Office Building Purchasing 7532
West Bank Office Building Institute for Social Research & Data Innovation 7538
Middlebrook Hall Residence Hall 7651
Rarig Center Radio K 7751
Rarig Center University Theatre 7752
Ferguson Hall School of Music 7811
Regis Center for Art Art 7831
Barbara Barker Center for Dance Theatre Arts & Dance 7841
Community University Health Care Center Community-University Health Care Center 7851
2625 E. Franklin Ave Upward Bound Vision Quest 7861
Mondale Hall Law School 7911
Andersen Library Minnesota Library Access Center 7921
Willey Hall Minnesota Population Center 7931