Frequently Asked Questions

Nonprofit/Standard mail postage is much cheaper than First Class postage, but can take longer to be delivered. Additionally, First Class mail will provide free returns or forwarding of undeliverable mail. There are also certain requirements that must be met to be eligible to mail at Nonprofit rates. Please see the Standard Mail page for additional information.

Basic mail piece design information can be found on our Mail Piece Design page. Detailed information about USPS requirements can be found in the USPS Domestic Mail Manual. If you're unsure of whether or not your piece meets the necessary requirements, please contact us and we'll be happy take a look at it.

Mail returned due to being undeliverable as addressed will usually have a yellow sticker on it from the Post Office with a reason for the return. If there is no yellow sticker, postal processing equipment may have read your return address rather than the delivery address. This is a common issue with certain labels used by departments that have both the return and delivery address in close proximity. Postal equipment reads from the bottom of the piece to the top, so please be sure that there is enough distance between the delivery and return address.

Setting up a job order can be done by phone or email. Please see the Job Information page for a list of the questions we'll have for you.

Processing time for most jobs is 3 to 5 business days. If there is a specific date that you'd like your mailing to go out, please let us know and we will do our best to meet your deadline.

Materials can be dropped off in the Printing Services Building (2818 Como Ave SE, room 190, Minneapolis, MN 55414). If you'd like the materials to be transported by courier, please contact U Market Services to schedule a courier pickup. We are also happy to arrange a courier pickup on your behalf - just let us know when you set up your job with us.

Yes, we have space available for storing materials on site. Please let us know when you set up a job that the same materials will be used again for a future mailing.

Campus Mail delivery codes can be found via People Search, the University's Department Directory, or by using our Building Search. Using a Campus Mail delivery code will greatly improve deliverability of your piece.

Please contact Tim Taylor with U Market Services to request a new Campus Mail code. He can be reached by calling 612-417-2384, or by emailing More information about relocating can be found at our Campus Mail Policy page.

Once a job has been billed, the charge detail is available at If you have additional questions, please call 612-624-8258, or send an email to

All UPS/FedEx/Amazon deliveries are currently being redirected to U Market Services. You can inquire about your packages by sending an email to with your tracking number and any other relevant information.

USPS mail is still being delivered directly to buildings on campus by the United States Postal Service. Please reach out to your post office if you have questions. St. Paul buildings take delivery from the Roseville Post Office (651-631-0628). Minneapolis buildings take delivery from the University Station Post Office (612-378-1853).

To schedule a Campus Courier pickup, please contact U Market Services by calling 612-624-4878.

The University's mailing permit can be used on jobs sent out by external printers or mailers, but you MUST contact us in advance of the job being completed. We will provide you with a job number that the mailer needs to include on the mailing statement to allow us to easily reconcile the postage used. Mailers that are unable to follow procedures will be cut off from use of the permit.