Mailing 101

First Class Mail

First class mail has higher postage rates, but is much easier to use than Standard Mail. Due to postal regulations, certain items must be mailed as First Class, including:

  • Handwritten mail pieces
  • Personal correspondence
  • Bills or account statements

There are four categories of First Class Mail: letters, postcards, flats, and parcels. Rates differ for each category. Current rate information for First Class Mail can be found in the USPS Price List. Rates are determined by the size of the piece. Please see our Mail Design page for sizing information.

Priority Mail

All First Class mail pieces weighing from 1-70 pounds are considered Priority Mail. Pieces weighing less than a pound can still be sent Priority Mail to attempt to speed up delivery time, but are billed at a one pound rate. Tracking information can be provided back to you as requested.

Priority Mail rates are determined by piece weight and destination zone. Find rates in the USPS Price List.

Scan-Based Package Return Labels

We now offer USPS scan-based package return labels. They are best used for returning medical devices or non-hazardous samples to your department upon completion of a study phase. The piece of mail gets returned directly to your department rather than needing to be reconiled at our office like Business Reply Mail. There is an up-front cost to create the labels, but postage is only charged if the label is used. Please contact Kristen Kleppen at or 612-624-8258 for more information.

Special Services

Special services include Certified Mail, Registered Mail, Insurance, and more. Find more information about these available add-ons on the USPS website.