Shipping Services

No matter where your shipment is going, we can help to get it there. With our dedicated daily UPS and USPS pickups, same-day scheduled DHL pickups, and discounted shipping rates through institutional agreements, we'll get your package to it's final destination as quickly and as cheaply as possible.

UPS Shipments

To send a package via UPS, fill out our UPS Shipping Authorization Form. This form allows us to collect the necessary shipment information so the details can be imported into our UPS shipping software.

A copy of the UPS Shipping Authorization form needs to be securely attached to the package, and the package needs to be delivered to 175G Printing Services Building for processing. For single-piece shipments, packages can be left at your building's campus mail pickup location. For multiple-piece shipments or larger items that may require a cart to transport, please schedule a courier pickup using the U Market Services Courier Order Form or by calling 612-626-1389.

If you have specific questions regarding pricing, delivery timeframes, or package tracking, please contact our UPS specialist at 612-626-0233.

USPS Priority Mail & First Class Package Service

USPS now offers parcel and Priority Mail delivery with service standards comparable to UPS. And depending on the destination, may be less expensive than UPS. Addressing & Mailing Services is IMpb compliant, giving us the ability to offer commercial postage discounts and full tracking on outgoing packages as requested.

If you have specific questions about rates, delivery timeframes, or IMpb tracking, please contact our USPS First Class Mail specialist at 612-626-1504.

DHL Express International

DHL specializes in international shipping, making them a great resource for shipping internationally. Many packages shipped via DHL arrive at their international destination within just a few days of leaving our facility. Addressing & Mailing Services will handle any necessary customs paperwork, and tracking can be provided for all shipments.

If you would like an estimate on cost or transit time, please contact our international mailing specialist at 612-626-1504.